Here at Brazil Active, we only sell products of the highest quality, using the finest fabrics in sportswear. All of the garments are made from a combination of Supplex® and Lycra® which provide great softness and comfort, whilst being incredibly flexible and hard-wearing.

Supplex is made with finer filaments which give the soft feel of cotton with all the benefits of advanced fibre technology. Unlike cotton, it won’t shrink, crease or lose colour. It is so versatile, it is the idea material for sports and beach wear and suitable for all activities such as cardio & resistance training, yoga, Zumba, Pilates.etc. But our gear looks so great, why confine it to the gym…do as they do in Brazil and wear it out too!!

Here are some of the great features and benefits of Brazil Active sportswear…

Great Fit

The advanced fabrics and creative designs used means that our activewear fits the female body perfectly. It stretches up to 500% whilst still holding their shape. As a result, it provides additional support, lifting up the backside (very important in Brazil!!) and holding in the tummy. You will love the fit and how they make you look & feel.


Cotton-like soft and extremely comfortable…you won’t know you’re wearing it.


When you’re putting your body…and clothing through the paces, you want them both to have a full recovery. Our clothing will stand up to the task, resisting abrasions, punctures and tears & will keep its shape & colour. As to your body, well, that’s up to you!!


We use some bright, vivid, beautiful colours in our clothing which need to stand the test of time. You can wear & wash them as many times as you like, the colour will not fade and be as bright as the first wearing.


There’s nothing like working up a good sweat when you exercise (especially if you are doing hot yoga!!!) and you don’t want soggy clothes to impact your performance. Our clothing has excellent sweat-wicking properties, removing moisture from the skin and evaporating it quickly, keeping a feeling of dryness.


No need to tumble dry (unless you’re performing gymnastics/acrobatics!!) just let them air dry… (it dries so much quicker than cotton)..and is better for the environment.


Fabric Care & Washing Instructions

Wash Chart